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Is your garage door spring giving you a hard time? Whether it’s broken or needs replacing our team of professionals at El Suru Garage Door will make the best of your customer experience to accomplish an impeccable replace garage door spring in Pomona CA. We are the top provider of efficient solutions around the local area, so you be assured that our handling of your garage door is in safe hands. 

For your springs we are a team of thorough professionals that can assist you with:

  • Spring adjustment
  • Spring installation
  • Commercial spring service
  • Cable repair services
  • New and replacement installation and more! 

First we got to determine what type of door you have in order to deliver the right inspection and assertive handling of your replace garage door spring in Pomona CA. There are a couple of things to take into account when taking care of your torsion springs. Did you know that they come in a variety of standard sizes? When we first come across a spring torsion or brake we make sure to take the right measures, once this is relaxed. 

Here is a list of items we take into consideration to first measure before doing the full on replace garage door spring in Pomona CA:   

  • We measure the wire thickness or the number of stacked turns
  • Consider the inside diameter when relaxed coil into your measurements
  • The overall length of the spring coil again once it’s all relaxed
  • And finally but not less important the right and/or left winding of the overall spring

All this we take into account when doing a replace job, since we need it to be fit and functional once we install the brand new part. Once we take the measure and acquire the right piece element to troubleshoot your garage door problems, we are ready to go on the replace garage door spring in Pomona CA. 

So make sure to contact our team of professionals at 951-733-2142 and ask for the right guidance in your replace garage door spring. Our expertise and long time in the business will only serve helpful to overpass your garage door issues, and we will suit the most affordable pricing for you to feel at easy.


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